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Marathon Pain Relief™ is the easy, all-in-one, all day topical pain treatment with a unique, proven complex of botanical compounds, plant extracts, and natural herbal pain relievers for both instant and long-term pain relief. Use daily to treat and prevent all types of back, arthritis, muscle, tissue, and joint pain, for immediate relief that keeps going to keep you going! Unlike drugs and pills, Marathon Pain Relief™ Goes on in Seconds and does not pass through the bloodstream and vital organs before reaching the area in pain – making it safer, faster-acting and more effective.
MPR Pain Relief

How it Works

Works 3 Ways to
Relieve & Prevent Pain

1. NUMB IT - Menthol, blended with Arnica Montana, soothes and cools irritated tissues and Works in Minutes to Relieve Pain Instantly!

2. BLOCK IT - Menthol infused with Capsaicin and Calendula immediately helps block neurons and receptors that send pain signals so you feel less pain, for relief that Lasts for Hours! Take it daily to prevent pain!

3. REDUCE IT - Our exclusive complex contains a powerful blend of potent anti-inflammatories like Willow Bark, Witch Hazel and MSM shown to help reduce swelling and joint pain, aid in muscle recovery and ease stiffness.

Plus antioxidants like Aloe Vera, which may help accelerate healing! And the penetrating power of Emu Oil, rich in antioxidants, transdermally delivers the nourishing ingredients deep to the source of the pain, directly where it hurts!

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